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Jiangshan Jiamengyuan Decoration Material Factory is a new enterprise specializing in the production and operation of paint-free suit doors, paint-baked suit doors and interior decoration materials. Headquartered in Jiangshan city where Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces meet. State-level tourist attractions "Jianglang Mountain", "Xianxiaguan" and "Fugai Mountain" stand in the territory with beautiful scenery, elegant environment and outstanding people. With strong strength, the enterprise has introduced and trained a group of highly skilled and experienced production, management and marketing talents. Feedback market information in time, and quickly develop the latest marketable products. At the same time, the use of scientific marketing methods has laid a foundation for the successful development of enterprises and provided a strong guarantee for the continuous strength of enterprises! With strong strength, the enterprise has introduced the leading complete sets of production equipment at home and abroad, adopted the modern high-tech computer operating system, matched with complete detection means and perfect after-sales service network, which further improved the process technology and pushed the product taste to the forefront of the leading era-Jiamengyuan products have become the first choice for people's home decoration! The successful development over the past few years has strengthened the determination of Jiamengyuan people to create world-famous brands, and brought up the spirit of Jiamengyuan people's constant pursuit and hard work! The leading products developed by the enterprise, such as MBF-coated PVC paint-free suit door, paint-free suit door, various paint-free lines, skirting lines, paint-free boards, cabinet boards and other decorative materials, have refreshed the new world of national environmental protection door products. The products are characterized by green, environmental protection, exquisite art, elegance and fashion, which embellish the beauty, warmth and comfort of your living room. Jiamengyuan people have the courage to work hard, continue to create high-quality new products and be your friends forever! Good dreams come true-I wish you a happy dream and a happy reunion! The door to a beautiful dream opens every day of your warm life!